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Why Us

Why US?

MDROUTE™ is designed by team of physicians to solve problems related to encrypted communications between providers, real time data capture and documentation during code situations, expansion of communication to EMS and early pre-arrival activation of the code team with pre-arrival identification of patients, and virtual physician call schedule manager and virtual call center allowing rapid notification of providers.

MDROUTE™ is the only encrypted web-based software that provides a turn-key comprehensive enterprise solution to support hospital code workflows with functions of one-call rapid activation of an entire code team on call, real time data capture and documentation, automated routing and queuing for notification of providers, and assisting providers to reach rapid decisions in code situations.

MDROUTE™ allows collaboration of the hospital team with EMS and early pre-arrival activation and identification of patient.

MDROUTE™ Call Schedule Manager module allows management of endless number of providers simultaneously and seamlessly and linking the on-call schedule to routing and queuing algorithm of choice for a virtual call center tool. Electronic consult requests follow the path of the routing and queuing algorithm and activate the appropriate on call providers with automated time stamps.