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EMS code activation (pre-arrival workflows):

MDROUTE™ MS pre-arrival workflows allows the EMS to activate the appropriate team, prior to arrival of the patient to the hospital, identify the patient and history relevant to the encounter in the field prior to arrival. The on-ground team has the opportunity to track the ambulance, obtain key information on the patient prior to arrival, provide guidance to the EMTs, and prepare the on-ground team for rapid assessment and treatment for various codes inclusive of sepsis, trauma, stroke, and myocardial infarction.

The system provides customization of workflow for the hospital allowing activation of multiple services and specialists at a moment’s notice using a HIPAA compliance application, integrating intelligent routing and queuing with rapid activation of entire code team while allowing seamless pre-arrival notification and identification of patients. The patient encounter is essentially initiated prior to arrival and information transmitted directly to the Electronic Medical Records using HL-7 interface.

In Hospital or ED code activation:

MDROUTE™ application allows rapid identification of code teams and seamless, instant, one contact activation of the entire care team at a moment’s notice, and seamless real time, HIPAA compliant communication between the team members. Call schedules for the different physicians and ancillary services are listed in advance. The trigger for activation of hospital code immediately and seamlessly activates all providers and members of the code on the call schedule and ancillary services on conventional pagers. The code will actually alert the entire team on the MDROUTE™ application as well as the services on conventional pagers. The entire provider team can communicate with consulting services such as surgery, radiology, and other physician consultants via one channel communication tool with information shared with all providers on the team.

While this system can integrate with components of a dated system such as pagers, it essentially replaces the old system by not only providing a tool that integrates multiple call schedules, routes the calls immediately to the entire care team, and further, provides a seamless channel of HIPAA compliant communication between the different team members for emergent codes inclusive of Sepsis, STEMI, Stroke, and Trauma.

Schedule base automated message routing:

Teams can upload or enter their call schedule on MDROUTE™. The urgent consults are then routed to the appropriate team on call. The Routine consults are routed during the regular hours and held during the after hours till next working day.

Peer to Peer calls can be initiated and automatically routed to the on call providers.

EMR Connections:

MDROUTE™ has ability to connect with EMRs through HL-7 interface and our prebuilt APIs to streamline the communication directly to and from the EMR.

MDROUTE™ clinic:

For outpatient clinics MDROUTE™ provides a workflow for call routing during and after clinic hours. The customizable IVR prompts allow the clinics to set their prompts and workflows for clinic hours and get messages for non urgent requests like medication refill, consultation requests, and non-urgent patient questions to be routed to a mailbox and route urgent calls to the on-call providers or to the designated entity for emergent activation if desired.