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What is MDROUTE™?

MDROUTE™ provides a solution to integrate provider call schedules, standardize the various inpatient and ED codes, and provides a seamless routing and queuing solution for all providers in a healthcare facility. MDROUTE™ brings the providers to patients in the ambulance prior to arrival to the hospital and allows integration of workflows throughout the entire episode of care.

Minutes count in critical situations such as stroke, sepsis, and myocardial infarction. MDROUTE™ starts the clock and unifies the provider groups allowing for rapid access to integrated collaborative team of providers at a moment’s notice.


EMS code activation
(pre-arrival workflows):

MDROUTE™ MS pre-arrival workflows allows the EMS to activate the appropriate team, prior to arrival of the patient to the hospital…

In Hospital or ED code activation:

MDROUTE™ application allows rapid identification of code teams and seamless, instant, one contact…

Schedule base automated message routing:

Teams can upload or enter their call schedule on MDROUTE™. The urgent consults are then routed to the appropriate team…

EMR Connections:

MDROUTE™ has ability to connect with EMRs through HL-7 interface and our prebuilt APIs to streamline the communication directly to and from the EMR.

MDROUTE™ clinic:

For outpatient clinics MDROUTE™ provides a workflow for call routing during and after clinic hours. The customizable IVR prompts allow the clinics to set their prompts and…


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