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How does MDROUTE™ support real time data collection during code situations?

MDROUTE™ App takes the place of paper tracker tools used by ancillary staff on ground to collect points of data otherwise not able to extrapolate from the Electronic Medical Record. This is extremely important in certain code situations, for instance, Code Stroke, to identify opportunities for process improvement. All data collected is reported through automated reporting system and may be included in documentation of the events of the code.

How does MDROUTE™ help physicians with their everyday workflows?

Call Schedule Manager module allows integration of endless number of provider call schedules across multiple individual service lines as well as specific team call schedules such as code teams. Any provider wishing to directly communicate with another provider on call can do so via an encrypted communication with the provider registered on call with the application. In this situation, a consulting provider need not know the provider on call for any particular service and the program allows seamless communication. For instance, if interventionalist vascular physician wishes to communicate with neurologist in case of a code stroke, the physician would have to simply activate the module and the application identifies the physician on call and direct communication occurs rapidly. Images and files or voice recordings may be sent as well.

What are the financial benefits of MDROUTE™?

MDROUTE™ provides an encrypted communication pathway between the EMS and the on ground code teams, in essence initiating the codes in the pre-arrival phase. This has the added value of collaboration with local EMS services for routing of patients and increasing the local market share. Further, MDROUTE™ significantly improves the workflow of the various services, reducing the throughout in the Emergency Room. By improving the communication between hospitalists and consultant specialists, MDROUTE™ provides a system of seamless encrypted communication that allows collaboration on patients awaiting discharge and potentially reduces the length of stay.

How does MDROUTE™ help reduce the throughput in the Emergency Room?

The application allows for rapid access to specialists and immediate one call activation of providers involved in multiple different medical emergencies, and hence improves speed of medical decision making and treatment of different disease states treated at the Emergency Department. The real-time data capture allows for better analysis of opportunities for process improvement.

Does MDROUTE™ provide Ambulance tracking?

Yes MDROUTE™ tracks the ambulance through google maps API and provides Real time tracking and automated accurate ETA (Estimated Time of arrival) alerts to the hospital teams. This saves a lot of precious time for the clinical staff and help them better prepare for patient arrival to ER.